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Request your own BKR

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Can you request your own BKR?

You can request your own BKR from the Credit Registration Office. Registration with the Credit Registration Office in Tiel has a negative connotation for most people. People associate it with poor creditworthiness and something you should avoid at all costs. It is not known that everyone who takes out a loan (whether it is a telephone subscription with an installment device or a mortgage) is registered. Nor is there a difference between positive and negative registrations. Do you want to know how you are listed in Tiel? Then you can request your details from the BKR.

The importance of the BKR

The importance of the BKR

Credit providers are legally obliged to report everyone taking out a loan to the Credit Registration Office in Tiel. The importance of such a database is twofold. On the one hand, it ensures that lenders do not lend you irresponsibly much. On the other hand, a positive registration with the BKR is proof that you are creditworthy and that you always meet your financial obligations properly. This gives credit institutions confidence when you request a new loan. In general you can say that national credit registration ensures a financially healthy society, in which consumers can borrow money quickly, cheaply and responsibly.

Who needs your information?

Who needs your information?

If you are planning to buy a house, your mortgage application will first be checked by the bank at the BKR. After all, a mortgage is also a loan and the lender naturally wants to know that you are able to repay the outstanding amount. This is visible if you have other credit facilities in progress or have had payment arrears in the past (up to 5 years ago). Your financier can then decide to refuse your mortgage. That depends entirely on your current financial situation. Perhaps you have started earning more. Or do you now have a partner with an income. Then it is quite possible that, despite your credit history, you are still considered creditworthy and can take out a new loan.

View your own data

At the BKR you are entitled to view your own data. It can be useful to know which loans are registered with your name when you plan to apply for a new loan. You can then better assess yourself whether the new loan will be granted to you. In addition, this way you can check whether all registrations are correct. It sometimes happens that you have received a negative registration incorrectly. If you can prove this, your data will of course be corrected. You can request your data online at the BKR site. You pay a few euros for a one-off paper inspection. But you can also choose to take out a subscription, which you can use throughout the year. In addition, you can then see who has requested your information and you will be notified of any changes to your registration.

Request data for someone else

Request data for someone else

The financial registrations stored at the BKR in Tiel are subject to strict privacy legislation. Your data can therefore only be viewed by yourself, your administrator or by the lenders who are members of the BKR. This also means that you cannot request information from someone else. Also not from your adult children or your parents. You are of course allowed to provide your own data to third parties. This will be necessary, for example, if you want to apply for a mortgage and have hired a consultant for that. He can only advise you properly if he has all your financial information, but is not entitled to request this from the BKR.

How long is your data stored?

Your data will remain visible during the term of your loans and five years after they have ended. Even if you have paid off all your debts, you are still registered with the BKR. This is necessary to provide lenders with information about your credit history. When you apply for a new loan, it must be clear what credit you have already received and whether you have always made your repayments on time. If that is not the case and you therefore have a negative BKR registration in your name, you may still have five years of it. On the other hand, a positive registration can also work to your advantage. Lenders see that you are a reliable party that has never incurred payment arrears. They will then be more inclined to grant you a new credit.

Borrow money with or without BKR registration

If for some reason you are in urgent need of money, you can take out a loan. You have several options for this. If the amount is not too large, consider asking a family member or close friend for help. With clear agreements, whether or not on paper, this does not have to lead to problems. If you prefer to go to an independent party, you can contact your bank or another lender. In most cases this will result in registration with the BKR, but this is not something you should stop. On the contrary, a credit registration ensures that you cannot borrow more money than is justified in your situation. Moreover, the lenders who are affiliated with the BKR are reliable institutions, which apply clear conditions.